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Earth Tone Poems


This project aims to: Create an audio of spoken words and music to tell the Earth Tone Poems story, a booklet which includes the written text, artwork and musical scores and a teachers manual to complete the set. These bodies of work shall be used to engage people, especially the youth in earth and our relationship to her.

Is a multi media art project, including written and spoken text alongside visual art and music, which collects a series of pieces from Jahson The Scientist to tell a story about earth and human life on it.

Within it you will find reflections on Mother Earth’s beauty, grandeur, ability to support life and the relationship between her and us. We as humans have had the luxury of borrowing her body to form ours, enjoy all her fruits and experience all the ups and downs that come with our evolution, which is in need of a great moral upsurge.

Each piece can be likened to a chapter in a book (ie Mother Is, Sky Chokes, Healing and I am) which they come together to tell a story.

The Earth Tone theme lends itself to learning about life and nature and the texts are flooded with literary devices which serve as a platform for comprehension and creative writing. The total package can be separated into three main parts: an audio, book and a teacher guide.

The audio book will hold spoken text by Jahson The Scientist combined with music by Matthias Ihrybauer. Matthias is a multi instrumentalist and producer and the two have a pre-produced album which will soon be taken to the finishing stages. This will include working with more live instrumentation provided by session musicians, orchestral accompaniment including strings, horns and operatic vocals. The sound will be stem mixed and mastered to create the high end sound and attention to detail that this project deserves.

The book will be created by combining the written text with music scores and accompanying artwork. Jahson is consulting the Franke, the Illustrator from John Ross Group, to decide on the preferred route to completing the booklet.

The teacher booklet has ideas, questions and exercises that can be used by a variety of age groups. It is a must to reach the youth and plant healthy seeds in their minds, they can not repeat the same mistakes that the generations before them have made. Jahson has worked in schools for more than 15 years in all age groups and will create material that is simple enough to be used in primary schools but can be extended to challenge middle and high school students. The teacher booklet will lend itself easily to be used in biology, music, literature and creative writing classes.

The whole project will be supported by the John Ross Group particularly with documentation and visual support by Christian, Feed Your Head and logistically managed by Daniel Irsigler.


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