Jahson The Scientist





”This guy’s taking hip hop to a whole new level” Andreas Bovelino – Kurier



Title: Lean on You - single

Jahson the Scientist –  (9Star Records, 2023)


Dutty Water, Plush Vessel - single

Jahson the Scientist –  (9 Star Records, 2022)



Black Massiah


Skeemerz Feat Jahson the Scientist –  (Teajoint Records, 2020)




Sketches on Duality –  (9Star Records, 2019)






Electric Mind State



Scattah Brain –  (Duzz Down San, 2017)



No Doubt EP



Jahson The Scientist –  (9Star Records, 2016)






The Science Report



Jahson The Scientist –   (9Star Records, 2014)




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