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”This guy’s taking hip hop to a whole new level” Andreas Bovelino – Kurier

Jahson The Scientist







”I’m like a scientist with no formula”



About Jahson

Jahson The Scientist is a science teacher, energy work practitioner and musician.  He is a Caribbean-African born in London and his studies of Quantum Chemistry have led him to see the boundaries between spirit and science. 


The beauty of the quantum world has given insides to the fundamental workings of reality, is today the most consistent scientific theory and is taking more space in pop-culture. It has brought us the latest paradigm shift and is potentially the greatest gift to humanity. 


Jahson read quantum chemistry at Kings College University, wrote his thesis on a quantum phenomena called photomagnetism. Around this time he engaged ever deeper in spiritual practices, such as chi-work and meditation. Over a few decades the overlaps between science and spirituality have become clearer and entering part of our way of life whilst driving the evolution of our consciousness. Lending to healing on various levels and an expansion of awareness.  


Today Jahson is a Gamma Breath practitioner  and offer classes, lectures on science meets spirit and Gamma Breath workshops. 

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